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nat_stills's Journal

Natalie Stillness - A Hush and Stillness Community
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001. All icons must be of Natalie Portman, most of the time I will provide you with a picture to use in you icon, but if I dont, make sure the icon is of Natalie

002. This one is a simple one, that you entry must be an icon

003. Please keep the size of your entry or entries between 100x100 or 90x90, icons under that size will not be judged

004. Again, this is a simple one, DO NOT claim someone elses work for your own

005. For each challenge you are allowed to enter 3 icon unless I say you must enter less

006. No swearing or sexual content in your entry</b>

007. When you enter please put the icon url aswell an image of your icon, here is an example:

icon url: http://img421.imageshack.us/img421/1533/nat12fp.jpg

008. Have Fun!

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Thanks to stereofonic who donated this lovely icon, thanks so much :)